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Our Senior Management Team

  • Cathal McMullan
    Cathal McMullan
    Managing Director
  • John McMullan
    John McMullan
    Prefabrication Director
  • Marty McMullan
    Marty McMullan
    Operations Director
  • Aine McEvoy
    Aine McEvoy
    Head of Finance
  • Cathal Moane
    Cathal Moane
    Head of Operations
  • Mark McNulty
    Mark McNulty
    Commercial Manager
  • Danny O’Rourke
    Danny O’Rourke
    Bid Manager
  • Niall Moane
    Niall Moane
    Quality & Commissioning Manager
  • Mark Dolan
    Mark Dolan
    Operations Manager
  • Damien Smith
    Damien Smith
    Operations Manager
  • James Murray
    James Murray
    Design Manager
  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore
    Design Manager

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