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Kane is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our staff, visitors and our community during these unprecedented times. We have introduced the following policies and guidance for the benefit of any parties that may be visiting our offices:

We are encouraging people not to visit our premises where it is avoidable. Please consider alternatives where possible. For example, can meetings be held remotely either by telephone or through a video call rather than in person?

If a visit is necessary, then please make an appointment or advise your contact at Kane of your intention to come to the office. You will then be required to complete and submit our COVID-19 Visitor Questionnaire prior to your arrival at our office.

    Your Kane Contact will forward a link to the form via email and it is also available below:

    COVID-19 Visitor Questionnaire

    If the form has not been received from the visitor, we unfortunately will refuse admittance to the office.

    Please observe all signage and instructions while in our offices.

    Please respect two metre distancing from reception and all other personnel you may encounter during your visit.

    Hand sanitation will be available at entrances and exits. We encourage its use on arrival and departure.

    Please observe and respect any other instruction offered by our staff during your visit.

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