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Premier Inn, Canary Wharf

  • Hospitality
  • Location
    West India Dock Road
  • Client
    John Sisk & Son
  • Developer
  • Contract Value
    £9.4 Million
  • Type
  • Duration
    18 months

Awarded by Sisk, Kane have delivered the £9.4 million MEP Installation of London’s tallest Premier Inn Hotel at West India Dock.

Kane delivered the full Design and Build MEP package for the 400 bed Premier Inn Hotel. The hotel is served from a combined energy centre, which also serves 68 residential apartments. Our in-house design and prefabrication teams manufactured the energy centre offsite at our facilities in Northern Ireland.

Located between Westferry DLR station and the busy West India Dock Road, Kane worked closely with the main contractor and the site logistics team to ensure that deliveries were made “just in time” by using the MSite delivery management system and our in-house procurement app. It was critical that our deliveries arrived as scheduled to ensure a swift drop-off and to prevent congestion on the busy 3-lane road.

A challenge to the project, which Kane swiftly averted, was ensuring that the selected plant and equipment within the energy centre was able to fit down through the ground floor level opening.

Our in-house innovative design team collaborated with Sisk to effectively plan a solution. A lifting beam and winch were installed to ensure the safe movement of all plant and equipment before the concrete contractor closed the opening. This meant that large sections of the energy centre could be prefabricated at our Head Office Prefabrication facility and simply pieced together at West India Dock, keeping hot works to the bare minimum.

The MEP works package included:

  • Offsite manufactured energy centre
  • HVRF air conditioning system
  • Smoke ventilation system
  • General supply and extract ventilation systems
  • Above ground drainage systems
  • Hot and cold water distribution
  • Building management system
  • Busbar installation
  • Lighting and small power
  • Access control system
  • Generator installation
  • Fire alarm system
  • CCTV system
  • Wet riser system
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