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At Kane we understand the importance of considering the impact we have on the environment around us. With our combined values, vision, and mission we are committed to minimising our environmental impact while striving to achieve net gains.

Time for change:
Aiming for net gains

We are driving change across industry, promoting the sustainability agenda through our own operations, and supporting our clients to achieve their sustainable business goals.

Our commitment to sustainability is guided by a comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy. This framework ensures we consider the environmental impact of our projects, promote social responsibility within our company and industry, and uphold strong governance practices.

With the steps we are taking as a business to commit to a sustainable future, we are dedicated to ensuring that we accelerate this change as soon as we can, by taking our employees, suppliers and contractors on the journey with us. With this ambition, and our stakeholder engagement activities, we are focused on the three key pillars.

Time for change


Waste management
Climate risk
Air quality
Resource Efficiency
Energy Management
Carbon footprint
Renewable Energy
Water saving and reclamation


Employment equality and gender diversity
Training and development
Human rights
Product safety concerns and liability
Stance on various physical and mental health-related issues
Apprenticeships to local people
Employee health and safety
Supply chain transparency
Local support campaigns and community relations


Board and company diversity
Duty of care visits
Tax strategy and accounting standards
Ethics and values
Internal and external auditing
Bribery and corruption
Transparency and anti-corruption
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