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Supply Chain Partners

Our supply chain partners are integral to the success of our business

We have built up successful partnering relationships with many suppliers and specialist sub-contractors over the years through establishing trust, credibility, understanding and most importantly, respect. This has resulted in the successful completion of multi-million-pound projects, leaving a lasting impression in upon our clients and key stakeholders and ensuring repeat business for the future.

"At Kane, our supply chain partners are a fundamental part of delivering exceptional MEP solutions to our clients. By working collaboratively with reliable and efficient partners, we ensure timely project completion and the highest quality standards."

Gary Jamieson, Supply Chain Manager

Managing our supply chain

  • 1. Partner Selection
    1. Partner Selection

    We meticulously assess potential suppliers through a robust PQQ process. This involves evaluating technical skills, past performance, and a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. Modern slavery is a serious concern, so we prioritize suppliers who share our values and demonstrate responsible sourcing.

  • 2. Collaborative Planning
    2. Collaborative Planning

    Clear and effective communication is key. We work closely with partners from project conception, ensuring they understand specifications and timelines. This minimises delays and allows for early problem-solving.

  • 3. Prompt Payment
    3. Prompt Payment

    We understand the importance of cash flow for our partners. Timely payments foster trust and incentivise reliable service. This creates a synergy, ensuring a high-quality service and ensures our projects running smoothly.

  • 4. Continuous Improvement
    4. Continuous Improvement

    We regularly evaluate our supply chain, seeking areas for improvement. This can involve joint training initiatives to enhance skills or exploring innovative solutions that benefit both parties. We also encourage feedback on our performance and use this in our overall lessons learned analysis.

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