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In the Spotlight with Charlie Duffy, Electrical Quality Supervisor

23 Jun 2021

As we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day see below our In the Spotlight with Electrical Quality Supervisor, Charlie Duffy.

Role within Kane and how long you have worked for the company?

My role with Kane started as a quality control manager in July 2018. I then progressed to an electrical testing manager and now I am an electrical senior authorised person as well as an electrical testing qualified supervisor. I have been working for Kane just over 3 years now.

Education and route into engineering?

I started working voluntary in 2011 with a self-employed electrician as an electrician’s mate. I then progressed as I gained more qualifications. Now I am a fully qualified electrician.

Favourite part about your role?

As cheesy as it sounds, I absolutely love the team I work with. The favourite part of my role would be learning different aspects of the electrical industry. In my role I am not restricted to one area of expertise, therefore, it is essential I have a wide spectrum of knowledge. Having said that every day is a school day, and I am constantly learning.

Advice to other women who would like to pursue a career in engineering?

Try not to see your gender as a barrier but more of an advantage. The only person that could ever hold a person back in life is ourselves. Do not fear change, if you are thinking of a career change, try not to be put off or even be intimated by the unknown. This career is the best thing I have ever done. The other thing to remember is it takes roughly 5 years to study and become a fully qualified electrician, 5 years will pass in life naturally so you might as well do something in that time doing something you want to do. Good luck girls the construction industry needs you!

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