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Kane donates IT equipment to the Turing Trust

01 Dec 2022
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Kane are proud to support the Turing Trust by donating a large quantity of old computer equipment which will help support computer literacy programs for disadvantaged communities and vocational colleges across Africa.

The Turing Trust refurbish old and disused IT equipment to include a range of educational software which will be provided to those who need it most. Over the last 10 years, the trust has enabled access to computers for over 116,000 students across Africa. Kane firmly believe that every child has the right to an education and to learn digital skills which will open opportunities for further education, their future careers and will in turn help the economy. This donation also makes a positive environmental impact by controlling and reducing waste, keeping IT equipment in circulation for as long as possible and reduces our carbon footprint. For every 20 computers’ put back into production, we save 6 tonnes of CO₂ – this is the equivalent of planting 14 trees.

The IT equipment has been collected by Vyta who offer comprehensive data destruction services, in preparation for the Turing Trust.

We've been delighted to receive this fantastic donation of IT equipment from Kane Group. These computers will go on to change the lives of hundreds of students and save a significant amount of carbon emissions too. A huge thank you to everyone at Kane Group for your wonderful support!

James Turing
Founder of The Turing Trust

As Kane continually upgrade and update our IT equipment to keep pace with the rapid digital advances in the construction industry, we are extremely proud to repurpose our old technology to great causes such as The Turing Trust. This not only has a positive environmental impact but also a positive social impact by providing the next generation with access to technology which can help advance their digital skills.

Cillian Rooney
Head of Sustainability, Kane Group
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