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Kane Group Reaffirms Commitment to Industry Support with Lighthouse Club Pledge

07 Dec 2023
Pictured (L-R): Robert Muldoon (Lighthouse Ambassador) and Crina Popan (Kane Group)

Pictured (L-R): Robert Muldoon (Lighthouse Ambassador) and Crina Popan (Kane Group)

This year, Kane Group has pledged £2,000 to the LCIC, reaffirming our commitment to fostering a healthier and more supportive industry. The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is the only charity that provides emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support to the construction community and their families. A crucial element of their strategy is to provide a wide range of free and widely available proactive resources to support the industry.

Kane Group's pledge of £2,000 will support the LCIC's ongoing initiatives, including:

• Providing counselling and mental health support services to construction workers and their families

• Training construction companies and individuals on mental health awareness and prevention

• Advocating for improved mental health support within the construction industry

We encourage other companies within the construction industry to join us in supporting the LCIC and its mission to create a healthier and more supportive work environment for all. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of construction workers and their families.

We are proud to support the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity and their vital work in addressing mental health issues within the construction industry. At Kane Group, we recognise the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive work environment that prioritises the mental health of our employees and the wider industry. The LCIC plays a critical role in providing support and resources to those in need, and we are committed to contributing to their efforts.

Cathal McMullan
Managing Director
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