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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Kane has invested heavily in BIM technologies over the past decade. We employ 12 full-time BIM technicians across 2 offices in the UK who work collaboratively using Autodesk Collaborate Cloud-based project storage systems. This provides our teams access to the central federated model anywhere at any time.

The projects we work on are authored in 3D using Autodesk Revit, to fabrication detail LOD 400 as a minimum. Our BIM Managers frequently analyse our models using Autodesk Navisworks on a regular basis, reviewing them for clashes, errors and constantly feedback this information to the BIM team to correct.

We have invested heavily in emerging VR technologies, and we have constructed a purpose-built VR room which at 32 m2 allows 2 engineers sufficient space to move around freely within the model and inspect it from the inside out. This has opened a whole new dimension on how we review mark-up and inspect our designs.

At the forefront of digital excellence

Setting out on site is driven from the 3D model. Our engineers place coordinate points on all anchors and corners of plant, and these points are then translated into a laser mapping software package that uses a laser setting out machine on-site to quickly locate and mark out points to sub-millimetre accuracy.

Our teams continually research ways to improve our in-house design capability, for example, mixed reality headsets such as the Microsoft HoloLens, that will allow our site management team to review our 3D BIM models live on the building site through as holographic heads up display helmet.

We will continue to be a market leader in the field of BIM and its surrounding technologies.

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