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Health & Safety

We at Kane are passionate about ensuring the Health, Safety and well-being of all those affected by our works including our staff, stakeholders and all members of our supply chain.

Positive Safety Culture

To help us achieve this we have developed a positive safety culture throughout the organisation with the focus everyone being able to carry out their work in a healthy safe environment where they go home at the end of every day without being harmed or injured. The Safety Culture of an organisation starts from the top and all those in a leadership position within Kane’s strive to ensure that a positive safety culture is ingrained throughout the various work teams.

ISO/IEC 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Standard

To help us to achieve this we have established a robust Health & Safety Management System which is accredited to the ISO/IEC 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety standard. Kane also ensures that works are carried out in line with industry best practice in relation to health & safety procedures. Health & Safety is the primary focus on each project from the initial design stage right through to the end of the project incorporating the future maintenance of the building.

Dedicated Health & Safety Department

A dedicated health & safety department within Kane carry out continuous monitoring of the system to ensure compliance with industry best practice and Company standards.

Mental Health First Aiders and Mental Health Champions

Kane’s commitment to well-being is demonstrated by the company providing free annual health checks to all of its employees carried out during company time. Kane understands that an important part of an individual’s well-being is their mental health. To this end, the company has a large focus on the mental health of the workforce with many trained Mental Health First Aiders and Mental Health Champions throughout the company. Employees also have access to independent mental health advice and counselling through our Health Insurance provider.

A safe, healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce which is why the company continually look to spread our positive safety culture throughout the organisation.

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